Unfair bidding hurts taxpayers, businesses,
workers and our families.

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Concerned Contractors is a coalition of open shop and union shop contractors (plumbers, electricians, HVAC and building trades) that have organized to represent the many small business owners and construction workers across the state.  The mission of the coalition is to bring unfair and needlessly expensive bidding to the attention of taxpayers, school board officials, legislators and the media.

During a period that a waiver system existed from 2000 to 2010 limiting the number of bids allowed on school construction projects, a group of plumbing, electrical, HVAC contractors and their workers banded together as the Concerned Contractors.  Contractors and workers were all feeling the same thing – shut out from projects in their own towns and local school districts.  Thousands of small business owners were being denied opportunities to participate, while only large general contractors/brokers were allowed to submit bids.

Please email us at info@concernedcontractors.com for more information or questions.


Check out our Resources page to view important documents regarding our efforts to end unfair bidding.

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Defend the Pennsylvania Separations Act – Oppose HB 710 & HB1237

Attacks on the Pennsylvania Separations Act continue within the PA Legislature.

House Bill 710 would eliminate compliance with the Separations Act by raising existing thresholds to $250,000. By increasing the threshold by such a large amount, it is essentially the same as repealing separations act for those projects that fall below it.  The Separations Act currently requires that nearly all public construction projects be awarded to 4 separate prime contractors (HVAC, electrical, plumbing and general). The current approach saves taxpayers money by eliminating mark-ups and allowing more contractors to bid. By breaking the project into smaller parts, it gives local contractors a shot at winning the bid.

House Bill 1237, which establishes a Public-Private Partnership (P3) Infrastructure Board, also affects the Separations Act, stating that it shall not apply for P3 agreements.

Please click on the Take Action Link above to contact your local legislators to urge opposition to these bills in their current forms.